Weekend cat blogging

A quick post – I’m about to go out and start the New Year’s Eve celebrating, but thought I’d leave you some pictures of the rapidly growing kittens before heading off. Thanks again to Clare at Eatstuff for organising Weekend Cat Blogging.

It is hard to type with a kitten fast asleep on each elbow. Now they’re getting older, they’re sleeping less and gremlining more. Raffles, the boy, has turned out to be particularly cuddly, and is now getting a little larger than Mooncake. He continues to steal food. Raffles has spent the week moving too fast and squinting too much to photograph well, so here is the gorgeously photogenic Mooncake having a wash.

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  1. Yes, it’s Raffles on the left. Any ideas on how to get them to use their new scratching post? Rubbing their feet on it, rubbing my nails on it etc etc is not helping.

  2. Your kittens are gorgeous! Though I can see they will be cats by now. I love Singapuras. I am a breeder myself of Somali cats and currently have six 4 week old babies…adorable! 🙂

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