Gastronomy Domine has reached the finals in the Best of Blogs awards – voting will, apparently, start soon. Watch this space for more details.

Meanwhile, I’ve dropped some photos from the previous post. I’ll replace them later (the originals are still on my camera), but for now, please imagine what meatballs would look like if blessed by the Extremely Good Meatball Fairy. They looked just like that.

2 Replies to “Newsflash”

  1. Congratulations again! Obviously people can recognize what a brilliant writer and cook you are. You are being too humble about your blog, which is great.

    A Blogger tip (I learned this from Farmgirl). When something disappears in your post, immediately open again in a new tab and log in to your dashboard and whatever disappeared will usually be there. Then publish from that new tab before you close the other one where it got mangled. Now that may not work with photos which are stored on a different computer, but it has saved me quite a few times when Blogger is misbehaving.

  2. Nah – you’re going to win this hands down. I’m enjoying the race, though! 🙂

    Thanks for the Blogger tip. I’ve tried it(and it’s not working – think leaving it several hours probably didn’t help…) – very odd, though. There are little thumbnail squares inline with the post which act as links to the photos on Blogger’s server, but the photos are just not displaying on the page. I’ll wrestle with it this evening – if need be, I can just cut the whole post and paste it into a republished version.

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