Weekend cat blogging – cheese

Thanks to Clare at Eatstuff for organising Weekend Cat Blogging again.

Here are Mooncake and Raffles relaxing to some karaoke. Raffles is pleased with his Diana Ross impression.

This week, we bought an Epoisse (an exceptionally stinky French cheese) and ate it for dessert. I wish I’d had my camera to hand – the kittens, normally not much moved by human food, made up their minds that it was a particularly sticky and inert kind of delicious mouse. We ended up giving them a small slice to stop them trying to dive into our plates – a slightly foolish decision, given they syrupy stickiness of a ripe Epoisse, and the horrendous smell of an Epoisse-y kitten who hasn’t washed all the cheese off her shoulders a couple of hours later.

I leave you with a cuter picture. I found them dozing on the lovely Mulberry towel Mr Weasel’s parents bought me for Christmas when I’d left it to dry on the radiator. Suits them, doesn’t it?

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  1. I must tell my wife about these adorable tiny cats! She used to have an extremely tiny tabby, who died last Christmas, at 20. She longs for another tiny cat with big paws. Currently, our big fat Beaner-cat sees ghosts in our house.

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