What, no updates?

You might have noticed an uncharacteristic lack of updates over the last week or so; huge apologies. I’m on holiday in America, and had expected to be blogging as usual from here until I discovered that the hotel wireless access thingbob doesn’t accept UK credit cards as payment.

This leaves me scratching a bare minimum of time online at an Internet cafe down the road, where I’m not allowed to upload pictures. Normal service will resume at the end of February; meanwhile I can reassure you that I am eating furiously, taking copious photographs and notes, and have come up with a Creole Hollandaise sauce recipe. Please come back soon.

6 Replies to “What, no updates?”

  1. Squeezeweasel, I hope you’re having a fabulous time skiing. That’s absurd about the credit card. Some Americans are so unenlightened. You are missing the whole cheese sandwich controversy. You’ll get a laugh out of it when you get caught up.

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