Gastronomy Domine is going on holiday for two weeks – we’re renting a house on the Côte d’Azur, where we won’t have any Internet access. (This suits me fine; it’ll be good to spend a couple of weeks gazing at something other than a monitor. I’m going to start by gazing at some cafés and then move on to gazing at a couple of restaurants.)

I’ll be cooking and eating out lots, so watch this space for a flurry of posts on my return. I leave you with some pictures which, for obvious reasons, didn’t make the grade on earlier posts.

3 Replies to “Holiday!”

  1. I couldn’t possibly be more jealous of you! I will wait anxiously for the food reports once you return and will just have to live vicariously through you! Hope you have a WONDERFUL time!

  2. Hi, i’am from Ecuador in south american and i have blog and i oyou want to see this is direccion ok i like oyour blog , i’m chef and study in Argentina sorry for my english is trash jeje

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