Beautiful Lunar Landscape

As proud as I am of the crispy pork from the other day, I’m prouder of this. My brilliant brother, Ben, sings and plays a number of instruments in a band called Beautiful Lunar Landscape. Their new EP, Alone in this Dark Romantic Night, is available for download from their record company’s site and from iTunes in certain territories, and they’ve just released their first video, which is being shown on MTV. I like to think that a childhood of having his teeth brushed with soap by a bullying big sister moulded Ben into the fine figure of a young man he is today.

You can watch the title track from Alone in this Dark Romantic Night below. This is trippy, shimmering music and I love it. Well done guys – it’s a fantastic video and a brilliant song.


If all this has enthused you, check out Beautiful Lunar Landscape’s Myspace page.

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  1. I hadnt heard of this band before, but this song is really great. I will look out for Beautiful Lunar Landscape musc and for your handsome brother. >_

  2. Sorry, entirely music-unrelated!

    I’m quite ignorant about far Eastern food, so frozen spring rolls are about as oriental as it gets round here. I’ve never been a fan of sweet chilli dipping sauce that often comes with them. Can you give me an idea for an alternative (preferably salty/gingery) sauce I can dunk them in, ideally using stuff I can keep in the cupboard for when the mood strikes?

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