Truffle wars

TrufflesOne of Gastronomy Domine’s friends over at Hotel Chocolat sent me a link to a news story yesterday. It appears the head chocolatier from Thornton’s (another UK chocolate shop – I like their chocolates much less than Hotel Chocolat’s, but Thornton’s does carry a very good diabetic range which has the added bonus of using sweeteners which induce explosive diarrhoea in the greedy) walked into a Hotel Chocolat shop and used a vindictive thumb to crush the creamy life out of £63.50-worth of truffles. His motives are, thus far, unknown. Perhaps, like me, he didn’t like the Marc de Champagne ones.

He’s since left his job. A shame; I’ve seldom heard a phrase so delightful as Hotel Chocolat’s “This was a extraordinary act of truffle-squishing”.

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  1. Hi, I’m a newbie and in complete awe since all of your recipes I’ve tried since have worked marvelously.

    Yep, I laughed so much when I heard about this. I prefer hotel Chocolat over Thorntons, but have you tried Montezumas? They are very, very nice…

  2. Hi Josie, and thank you for the kind comment! I’ve not tried Montezuma’s (so many chocolate brands, so little time…), but I’ll add them to the list. Thanks for dropping by!

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