When I’m not writing about food, I write about perfume. I’m not even going to try to be humble about this one – I won a Jasmine Award (one of the beauty industry’s most prestigious gongs) yesterday for this article, and my feet absolutely haven’t touched the ground since.

I plan to spend the rest of today sitting very still and looking at my trophy.

11 Replies to “Boasting”

  1. A quick glance at this post title had me imagining you basting a lovely golden chicken.

    Your sense of smell is obviously as highly developed as your taste buds.

    Congrats and that.

  2. Oh, cool, I didn’t know you wrote about perfume! Nice article. I like musks, but I am strangely anosmic to some of them – I can’t smell Musc Koublai Khan at all. Sigh.

    Do you find a lot of crossover between your appreciation of perfume and food? I tend to pick up a lot of fragrance notes in wine, which can either be fantastic or slightly weird.

    Congratulations on the award!

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