A quiet week…

I’m away from the kitchen this week (and mostly, joy of joys, away from the computer), taking a short break in sunny Windsor. I have Malaysian noodle restaurants and Joel Robuchon to investigate in London, Heston Blumenthal’s pub in Bray to visit on Thursday, and I’m on a quest to find any non-chain restaurants here in Windsor itself. Updates will be brief and even more sporadic than usual this week, but do keep tuning in; there are some interesting reviews coming up.

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  1. Gurgle. Just back from the Hind’s Head, and I’m actually kind of bowled over. Ridiculously good value (which surprised me – I’d made sure there was plenty of room on the credit card, which wasn’t necessary at all), absurdly good attention to detail in the food – and God, that food was good. I need to sleep on this before writing about it.

    Of course, exceptionally good restaurants always present a problem, because there’s nothing more aggravating than reading a review of unalloyed cheerfulness. I will endeavour to complain a bit about the signs that said ‘Low ceiling. Duck or grouse’. Because seriously, they were the only thing I could find to criticise about the place.

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