Win a little break for two to Lille!

I’m still on an official blog holiday, but I’ve a couple of really great prizes to give away this week. For today’s competition, Eurostar have stumped up two tickets to Lille (you might remember reading about the little break I took there with a bunch of other food bloggers last month) for one reader.

If you want to win the tickets, just leave a comment below, explaining how a little break would make a big difference to you – the guys at Eurostar will shortlist five of the funniest or most interesting entries, from which I’ll choose a winner on October 1 2009. Please remember to include your email address so I can contact you if you win.

There are just a couple of conditions: you must be able to make your own way to St Pancras to board the train, and the prize is available to UK entrants only, traveling from London to Lille, not Lille to London. Good luck!

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  1. I have had your blog post about Lille in my mind for a while, the food!
    I could also do with as many trips to France as possible to try and improve my French, rather than looking horrified every time a shop assistant or waitress greets me in French. 🙂

  2. I would love to go to Lille to eat my way through all the gastronomic adventures france has to offer – the good the bad and the ugly – and write about it on my blog! ( Calf's brain? check. Frog's legs? why not! Escargot? well obviously those are yummy.
    Finding myself a few Lille old ladies to help me rediscover that cuisine de pays would be amazing!! Pick me!!

  3. I'd much prefer Toulouse,
    I've nothing left to lose,
    and Oscar was most embarrassed
    by louche outre Paris.

    Jane thinks different,
    because she's Welsh and grandiloquent,talkin'
    five foot tall, indifferent.

    We haven't metioned flights,
    but that's alright
    Because we are into assonance
    and Lille all right.

  4. I would just love to sit on Eurostar
    Doesnt really matter where or how far.
    But if you insist a trip to Lille
    Really would be the perfect deal.
    Just to sit on that marvellous train
    Drink in the sights, sip champagne
    To Lille in style, then a chance to make
    A dash for the shop that serves the cake!!

  5. I'm austrian, so I can't rhyme in english, but I haven't been on hols since 2004, haven't travelled with the eurostar yet and I've been on a diet recently, so what better excuse to break the diet AND get away to somewhere nice than this lille trip…I'd fly to the uk just to go on the eurostar too!
    yes yes!

  6. I imagine I'm probably not allowed to enter seeing as I know you but just in case, I would like to say just how much I miss being able to jump on Eurostar – everything about it is nicer than flying.

    And if I win, I'll take you.

  7. Like GSE, I suspect I'm barred from entering, but I just had to point out that I need to get out of the house before it falls down around my ears. Is France far enough to run from the Money Pit? Just as long as I'm out of range of the falling masonry…

  8. I am having treatment for breast cancer and my chemotherapy ends just aftr christmas. My friend Pam has been very supportive, going with for the sessions and anticipating my needs while I am at the hospital. She does not have much money I would like to take her away for a short break once I am feeling a bit better. Lille would be ideal.

  9. "Pick me Nigel!"

    Oh my god – i would absolutely love love love to go to Lille!!!

    I've been raving about going there for ages as I've heard so many amazing things about it – the history, architecture…and last but certainly not least,the food! I'm a bit of a cheese muncher and can't get enough of it! Every meal I eat has to incoporate cheese of some form. And so where better to enjoy la fromage de la France than in Lille, whilst sipping on a glass (or three!) of beaujolis admiring the sights…perfection!

  10. Lille

    Stamping through the chilly old town streets
    Tearing through the warm crunchy crust
    Giggling through pastry-cream moustaches
    Blinking through dust from market books

    Through and through, a recipe for cheer
    To brighten up a topsy turvey year

  11. Hi Liz, it's so funny that you should have posted this! I haven't checked Gastronomy Domine this month since I knew you were away, but I logged on today hoping that there might have been a sneaky end of month update, and now this!

    My boss is from Lille, and was just this morning goading me for having to cancel my holiday next week as I've been too busy/am too late to book somewhere to go. I have only been to Lille once before, for two hours, for a meeting with a company that was located within the Eurostar terminal! I'd love to visit the city properly. And if I win, what good timing! I will say 'ha!' to my boss with the biggest smile on my face.

    I'd love to win the pair of tickets. Thanks so much for running the competition!

  12. Oh what perfect timing, my lovely Husband and I usually celebrate our wedding anniversary in France but this year the fickle finger of fate flicked us in the eye ( Quite literally in my husband's case )so a break in Lille would be just what the doctor ordered for two ageing love birds.

  13. I've heard and seen wonderful things of Lille – it's bistros and patisseries. Due to being unemployed this year, I've been cooking and baking from scratch to save money. My boyfriend has had to wait hours for me to cook a meal and sometimes eat my dodgy cakes! If we were to spoil ourselves by eating out, Lille would be ideal as we could eat 3 meals there and make it back to London the same day!

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