Gordon’s Gin competition

Are there any two sweeter words than “gin competition”?

While I’m busy in my pyjamas today recovering from Phoenix and its near-deadly lawn chairs (see previous post), I’ve got another competition for you. This time, you can win a Gordon’s Gin Friday Pack, full of everything you need for a Friday night in with friends. The pack will include a bottle of Gordon’s Gin, a set of Gordon’s glassware and a Gordon Ramsey cook book.

The deadline for this one is Friday October 9. To enter, leave a comment below letting me know what you’d do with the gin; I could do with some new cocktail ideas!

Entrants must be resident in the UK, and over 18 years old. And although I think this is nannying you to a degree you don’t require – it’s not my business if you enjoy drinking gin by the bottle – I am required to display the Drinkaware logo, which I think is meant to discourage you from doing anything that might get your stomach pumped. Here it is – click on it if you want governmental advice on how to deal with a hangover.

20 Replies to “Gordon’s Gin competition”

  1. If I win, I'd share with friends. I'd also photograph the bottle and the glasses (just started a photography course and the first subject to photograph is a bottle!)- I'd fill the chilled glasses with a delicious dirty martini! Gin, dry vermouth, and a splash of olive juice. Add a couple of green olives (pimento stuffed if you like, or with chillies/almonds) as a garnish. Photograph, drink, chill, enjoy. ~:-)

  2. It has to be a classic Gin and Tonic, served with ice and a slice of lemon. Ideally during some "us time" with my wife on a veranda with views over a beautiful national park as the sun sets.
    Relaxing and romantic.

  3. I'd mix my favourite cocktail: as many good friends as can fit in the space available, several hours worth of good music, three types of nibbles, a large dash of raucuous laughter, optional bad dancing at any point, all mixed up and served as often as possible. And the gin? Oh, we'd start with G&Ts; and see what developed from there!

  4. If I were to win I would make lots of lemon gin which is supposed to be much nicer than sloe gin which is one of my favourites. I live in Cambridge too Liz so you could come and try some 🙂

  5. I'd pretned it was still the hieght of summer and make my very favourite cocktail with gin, homemade elderflower cordial, fresh mint and appletise. Like a terribly english version of a mojito – whats not to love??

  6. If i'd win I'd make a classic Vesper Martini – shaken and not stirred of course! The perfect drink for chilling in style now all I need is Daniel Craig!

  7. I'd use the lot for the ginger G&T; variant we enjoyed a lot of on holiday last May, and hope a decent name for the cocktail might emerge from the resultant alcoholic fug. It's just a tall G&T; with a generous slug of strong ginger cordial and a few good wedges of lime and we're very far from the only ones to drink it, but if the others call it anything more exciting than "ginger gin and tonic" they aren't telling the Internet about it.

  8. Make a gimlet using your elderflower cordial instead of simple syrup. We use 4 parts gin to 1 part cordial and fresh lime juice.

  9. Dangerous stuff…

    Poor 1/2 shot Sliwowitz, a 1/4 shot gin, and add a dash of maraschino before straining into a glass.

    Don't bother sipping it and looking distinguished – knock it back and get ready for another!

  10. I am too old in my eighties to have parties but not too old to enjoy GORDON’S with GREEN BOTTLE ELDERBERRY CORDIAL,
    this is now my favourite tipple ,it is DELICIOUS.
    Although I am a pensioner I do treat myself now and again to a bottle of GORDONS,and I always recieve GORDONS gin as gifts for birthday and christmas .



  11. I would invite my friend’s to make their own favourite Gordon’s tipple. Mine is 2 parts Gordon’s Gin, 1 part green ginger wine, 1 part lemonade. with ice and lemon. wow!

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