What the World Eats

I loved this photoessay from Time. A few years ago, photographer Peter Menzel and journalist Faith D’Alusio visited thirty families across the world, and documented what they ate in a week in the book Hungry Planet. (The picture here is the British family’s weekly shop. I can thankfully say that my own weekly shop looks a lot more like the Chinese family’s haul, but rather more vegetabley.)

There are some shocks and surprises here, where weekly food rations are broken down by budget as well as by content. Well worth a look.


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  1. I’d like to buy the world a Coke…

3 comments to What the World Eats

  • H

    I’m a cross between Mexico and Japan. Thank god I’m not Polish – do pigs even HAVE knuckles?

  • Pig knuckles are delicious.

    That was profoundly depressing. Although I now realise how good my diet is comparatively so maybe it wasn’t.

  • Anonymous

    The packets of processed rubbish and bottles of soft drinks made me feel a bit sick. I wish supermarkets here would do what they are tring in France and have plastic bag free days every so often.We can’t recycle them in Bedfordshire.As to the packets – do people not care about the toxins they are ingesting? The more green vegetables and fresh fruit the better.

    Mum xx

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