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Liz UptonI’m a freelance writer and editor from the UK. I started Gastronomy Domine back in 2005, when I was working in educational publishing, as a portfolio for some of my work and as an opportunity to publish some of my own recipes. It’s grown somewhat since then, and food blogging, editing and writing has become my full-time job. You can see some of my work in books like National Geographic’s 500 Food Journeys of a Lifetime and the BBC’s Economy Gastronomy. I also write about perfume, and won a Jasmine Award in 2009 for my work at Basenotes.

All pictures since September 09 were taken with an Olympus E-P1.

You’ll find me on Twitter @liz_upton, where I post interesting foodie stuff that’s too short to put in a blog post. You can email me at


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