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  1. That is a great list of home flu remedies!!

    But Waxflowers are from Western Australia not New Zealand, they are both members of the myrtacea family and that is why they look so similar 🙂

  2. Curse. And there was I thinking I’d been clever. (I swear that the picture on my pot of honey is of waxflowers, though; perhaps they thought we Brits wouldn’t be able to tell the difference? Or perhaps we Brits *aren’t* able to tell the difference.) You Antipodeans and your biodiversity. Pah. 🙂

  3. Great list SW, next time i have a cold with sorethroat and the lot, i will definitely try Mrs Weasel Senior’s recipe.

    Armenian burning paper sounds great too – takes away the smell of sambal cooking, huh? Nevermind the cold, i’d like some of these.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. I loved this sentence. “It’s because I have a kitchen cupboard full of magic.” Thanks for tagging me!! I shall take a few photos at home this evening and then post tonight!! I have a cold at the moment and so perhaps this will aid me in the mental part of getting rid of the cold.

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