Weekend cat blogging – the reject pile

Weekend cat blogging (thanks Clare!) is something I normally have to go to a degree of effort for, taking about thirty bad photos for every good one. The kittens move around a lot, and my camera really can’t cope with the sheer s-p-e-e-d of a pouncing ball of fangs. They only look cute for the three percent of the time when they are not either sleeping, tongues lolling and chops drooling; or trying to kick each other in the head. Here are some photographs which I rejected for earlier weekend posts – now I look hard at them, maybe the photographic upsets are actually quite cute. Enjoy.

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  1. Great She Elephant – yes, they are, but I only noticed when you mentioned it. I’ve since piled through my enormous file of cat photos, and Mooncake is both more shy and more photogenic; there really aren’t any bad ones of her. (There are, however, a lot of pictures of her which are so blurred and out of focus that they’re unusable…)

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