Easter egg

One of the nicest thing about spring in the Cambridgeshire fens is fields like these, full of daffodils. (Completely inedible, but very pretty.) I took this picture from the side of the road heading north; we’ve been away for a few days visiting family in Yorkshire. Some very good things have come out of this for later blogging, including a plastic bag full of wild garlic, a new Australian Women’s Weekly book of Malaysian recipes, three new kinds of thyme, a recipe for Fat Rascals (a Yorkshire spiced bun of exceptional deliciousness) and the most gorgeous Easter egg I have ever, ever seen.

It’s my Easter egg, a present from Dr and Mrs Weasel Senior. (I suppose that at least half of it belongs to my husband, but I am hoping he will mistake it for some art and fail to eat it.) A picture can, in this particular case, speak a thousand words; isn’t it beautiful? These eggs are handmade at the Betty’s bakeries – the glossy dark chocolate has hand-moulded icing roses all over the front.

I can’t bring myself to start eating it. It’s too pretty.

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  1. What a wonderful egg! Hope you had some proper nothern beer when you were up there, too: it’s just not the same in the south!

  2. I am desparate for a recipe for fat rascals to surprise my parents. They tried them on a recent trip to England and Ireland and have been begging me to bake them — but no one has ever heard of them in the U.S. Could you email me your recipe — and/oror bake them and post your results?!

  3. That picture was taken three miles down the road from our house, Cait. It makes up for the winter, when that particular view is just brown earth and fog for miles on end.

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