Radio silence

I hope you’ve all been missing me. Dr W and I are away for a few weeks’ work and (mostly) skiing on the West Coast of America. Normal service will resume in mid-February, but in the meantime I encourage anyone who happens to be in Portland, Oregon, to run as fast as they can to Typhoon at the Lucia Hotel on Broadway, where the Thai food is even better than it was at Lotus of Siam in Vegas. (LoS is the restaurant that Gourmet Magazine called the best Thai in the USA. Perhaps I caught them on a bad night and Typhoon on a very good one, but although LoS gave us a great meal, Typhoon gave us one that’s making me consider a bigamous marriage so I can get a green card and come and live in Portland so that I can eat there every night.)

4 Replies to “Radio silence”

  1. Welcome to Portland! Enjoy eating around our wonderfully gastronomic town. If you thought Typhoon was great Thai in Portland you should really try Pok Pok. It’s absolutely phenomenal, I’ve never eaten anywhere like in America.

    Happy skiing and eating!

  2. Hello, you! I’m currently buried under piles of files in the office of a BIG pharma company, being lectured by perky Californians, and thinking that IO’m becoming more like Spencer ever day. It’s probably better not to ask…

    I did want to say, though, that m y mum has just phoned me to rave about and generally drool over your belly pork and star anise recipe from earlier. She would have comented herself, but she’d not 100% au fait with this t’internet lark. She does, however, say “Yum”. Perhaps “Och!” as well, though she’d smack me for saying so…

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