Interview with yours truly

Over at Simmer Till Done, the endlessly delightful and fragrant Marilyn has, for some reason, decided I’m a food blogger worth interviewing. Thanks very much again, Marilyn; I had real fun answering your questions. And I kind of agree with your reader’s comment about the Wolfgang Puck pizza…what can I say. Las Vegas does something awful to the volume switch in my brain that enables me to differentiate between what’s tasteful, and what’s encrusted with white tigers and rollercoasters.

Go and have a read
, and let me know what you think, people, and be gentle about the pizza thing.

4 Replies to “Interview with yours truly”

  1. wonderful interview! kudos to you both. glad to hear you got some Canadian syurp Liz. the price has gone up drastically this year but MY it’s good, no?! worth every penny i say.

  2. Fame at last!

    Don’t get in an argument with Heston if you meet him, he used to be a bailiff and is built like a bull.

    Don’t be fooled by his girlie spectacles.

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