Celebrity Equinox

I’ve just spent the weekend on board the brand-new Celebrity Equinox, sailing in circles in the English Channel and eating and drinking far too much. Four food bloggers (Andrew from Spittoon, Douglas from Intoxicating Prose, Julie from A Slice of Cherry Pie and I) had been invited to eat at the Chef’s Table at Murano, the ship’s swankiest restaurant, and to gad about on a night’s preview cruise before the ship starts its formal cruise itinerary. (Update 29/07 – you’ll find a long review and more pictures of the ship here.)

As you can probably imagine, faced with only 24 hours on ship filled with bars, nightclubs, a vast number of restaurants, swimming pools, a spa, cocktail-making presentations, video game arcades, libraries, croquet lawns (!) and even a glass-blowing studio (more !), I have slept very little, and I still didn’t get to see everything. So I’m going to shut up now and leave you with some photos as an appetiser – more on the ship and its food coming up later this week.

View of the library and the bars on the floors below

Midnight on the top deck
Andrew and Douglas. Unfortunately, this sort of Mexican photo standoff is what happens when you invite a load of food bloggers to your cocktail demo.

Baked goods at the breakfast buffet, all prepared onboard.

Cheeses at breakfast

One of several lawns, and the glassblowing studio. No, I have no idea why either.

And something to whet your appetite for tomorrow’s post – a couple of courses from the Chef’s Table at Murano.

6 Replies to “Celebrity Equinox”

  1. loving the photos.

    Needless to say I didnt make breakfast – not after all that food and wine (plus cocktails!). Whose idea was it for crepes at midnight?

  2. I think the midnight crepe is a tradition other places should pick up on. Nothing like a big slab of batter, butter and sugar to soak up all those cocktails!

  3. Ah – we used to have a creperie (not a midnight one) in Cambridge, in the cricket pavilion where Mai Thai is now. It's sorely missed. Thankfully, some enterprising person has moved a creperie into the Arts Cinema here too, so we're not totally deprived.

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