Jolly merry holly berry

Christmas garden
Fervently hoping the snow doesn't get any deeper than this.

I’m off doing a festive round of family visits until the New Year. Deliveries in the snow allowing, we’re feasting on foie gras and smoked eel with Mum and Dad on Christmas Eve, roasting a goose on the day itself, and plan on making a trip to the Freemason’s Country Inn in Wiswell, one of my favourite new-to-me restaurants from 2010, with my splendid in-laws. I expect to return in 2011 several pounds heavier.

If you’re after last-minute Christmas recipes, check out the posts tagged with Christmas in these parts. Have a splendid Kwanzaa, Christmas, Hannukah or Winterval – see you next year.

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  1. We’re journeying the other way (from Yorkshire, which is far better than it was 2 weeks ago) down into the Camridgeshire/Suffolk borderlands – worried about how it will be once we get off the A-roads – but should be worth it for goose and a real fire.

    1. We’re on the fen edge on the Cambs/Suffolk border, as it happens – I can set your mind at rest and let you know you’ve nothing to worry about re the roads, which have been kept very clear. Have a good trip!

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