Hack hack cough

A short post to let you all know I’m not dead – I’ve just been stuck without much of a sense of smell or taste for a week and a half now (much of that time spent sweating, choking and swearing in bed), having caught some incredibly virulent and unpleasant thing from one of the unhygienic souls I was sharing a plane with back from New York.

Normal service will, I hope, resume later this week, but for now I’m huddling in a dressing gown and necking Covonia.

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  1. Good to hear you are feeling better!
    Whilst usually not being an ill person at all I have caught 2 things in as many weeks. Goo is certainly a feature in my life too.

    The Rose and Crown looks wonderful, am amazed at how good value the set lunch is. Bookmarking this for when we are next in the area.

    1. No probs, Deepa – I actually managed to send an email last week while it was really bad in which I *mis-spelled my own name*. Which only has three letters in it.

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