Gastronomy Domine is moving!

I’ve bitten the bullet and bought my own domain. All new posts (and all of the old ones) will now appear at, so please update your bookmarks and point your browsers thataway.

I leave you with a photograph of Mooncake the cat, about to get into some serious trouble for evildoing.

4 Replies to “Gastronomy Domine is moving!”

  1. Bah. She was stealing and eating coriander, which I can only assume she was doing out of devilment – coriander is not furry, does not scurry and does not bleed, so it’s not natural cat prey.

  2. Brighton is on the list, actually; I’m dying to try Mama Cheri’s Soul Shack, which was, I think, the first place Giles Coren reviewed when he got the Times restaurant critic job. I hope they’re still going; they were on Kitchen Nightmares a while ago because they were losing money.

    Mooncake is indeed my cat. She’s a Singapura, and she (and her brother, Raffles) is fabulous.

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