Ring in the New Year with £100

It’s competition time again. One lucky reader will win £100 of groceries to kick-start the New Year!

Gastronomy Domine has teamed up with Allrecipes.co.uk again to give one lucky reader the chance to win £100 in grocery vouchers. All you have to do is prove you know your mixed peel from your mincemeat!

For your chance to win, simply follow these steps:

  1. Find the answers to the five questions below by following the links.
  2. Take the first letter of each answer to make the secret code.
  3. Submit your five-letter code at the link below!

If you crack the code correctly, you could win £100 worth of groceries!

Good luck!

1. This champagne cocktail calls for three _____ raspberries.

2. This Icelandic Christmas cake calls for what type of extract?

3. This delectable party nibble calls for what type of oil?

4. What type of butter is called for in this Christmas pudding?

5. Which herb flavours this roast turkey recipe?

Cracked the code? Enter here for a chance to win! The competition closes on January 15, and the winner will be contacted when the competition has ended.

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