Gordon’s Gin competition

Are there any two sweeter words than “gin competition”?

While I’m busy in my pyjamas today recovering from Phoenix and its near-deadly lawn chairs (see previous post), I’ve got another competition for you. This time, you can win a Gordon’s Gin Friday Pack, full of everything you need for a Friday night in with friends. The pack will include a bottle of Gordon’s Gin, a set of Gordon’s glassware and a Gordon Ramsey cook book.

The deadline for this one is Friday October 9. To enter, leave a comment below letting me know what you’d do with the gin; I could do with some new cocktail ideas!

Entrants must be resident in the UK, and over 18 years old. And although I think this is nannying you to a degree you don’t require – it’s not my business if you enjoy drinking gin by the bottle – I am required to display the Drinkaware logo, which I think is meant to discourage you from doing anything that might get your stomach pumped. Here it is – click on it if you want governmental advice on how to deal with a hangover.

Competition winner!

Janilizi is the winner of the two tickets to Lille – well done! I’ll put you and the Eurostar people in touch today.

I am, as you may have noticed, back from America considerably later than was expected; a friend we were with ended up in hospital for a week, so we stayed with him until he was able to travel back to the UK. Business as usual resumes tomorrow (and I’ll get Twitter going again today) – and I’ve plenty of food to tell you all about! I intend on spending the rest of today staring fixedly ahead in pyjamas.

Win a little break for two to Lille!

I’m still on an official blog holiday, but I’ve a couple of really great prizes to give away this week. For today’s competition, Eurostar have stumped up two tickets to Lille (you might remember reading about the little break I took there with a bunch of other food bloggers last month) for one reader.

If you want to win the tickets, just leave a comment below, explaining how a little break would make a big difference to you – the guys at Eurostar will shortlist five of the funniest or most interesting entries, from which I’ll choose a winner on October 1 2009. Please remember to include your email address so I can contact you if you win.

There are just a couple of conditions: you must be able to make your own way to St Pancras to board the train, and the prize is available to UK entrants only, traveling from London to Lille, not Lille to London. Good luck!

Ring in the New Year with £100

It’s competition time again. One lucky reader will win £100 of groceries to kick-start the New Year!

Gastronomy Domine has teamed up with Allrecipes.co.uk again to give one lucky reader the chance to win £100 in grocery vouchers. All you have to do is prove you know your mixed peel from your mincemeat!

For your chance to win, simply follow these steps:

  1. Find the answers to the five questions below by following the links.
  2. Take the first letter of each answer to make the secret code.
  3. Submit your five-letter code at the link below!

If you crack the code correctly, you could win £100 worth of groceries!

Good luck!

1. This champagne cocktail calls for three _____ raspberries.

2. This Icelandic Christmas cake calls for what type of extract?

3. This delectable party nibble calls for what type of oil?

4. What type of butter is called for in this Christmas pudding?

5. Which herb flavours this roast turkey recipe?

Cracked the code? Enter here for a chance to win! The competition closes on January 15, and the winner will be contacted when the competition has ended.

Competition – win £100 in Waitrose vouchers!

Calling all Cookery Masterminds!

To celebrate the launch of Allrecipes in the UK, Gastronomy Domine, Allrecipes and our friends at Waitrose are offering you the chance to win £100 worth of grocery vouchers by proving you know your basil from your bay leaves!

To prove yourself as the UK’s Cookery Mastermind you will need to do the following:

  • Find the answers to the five questions listed below.
  • Take the first letter of each answer to make a secret code.
  • If your guess is correct you could stand a chance of winning a bumper week’s grocery shopping.

1. What type of cheese is needed to make Nanmurat’s legendary salad? Hint: Click here!

2. When will Carlota Chmielewski’s Bread and Celery stuffing be sure to please everybody? Hint: Click here!

3. What flavour vinaigrette does Christy use to complement her Brown Rice Salad? Hint: Click here!

4. Fårikål is a dish found most commonly in which country? Hint: Click here!

5. Polly Welby’s heavenly chocolate mousse does not include which poultry product? Hint: Click here!

Got your code? Enter by clicking here!

Good luck and happy cooking!

Easter chocolate competition

Easter is coming around the corner very quickly and everyone wants that extra special Easter Egg! Gastronomy Domine has teamed up with Hotel Chocolat to offer you a chance to win some of Hotel Chocolat’s extra special, Extra-Thick Easter Eggs. To enter, click here and simply answer six questions which will take you on an Easter egg hunt to find the secret code. Once you have answered each question, use the first letter of each answer to reveal the secret code. If you have found the right answer you stand a chance to win one of Hotel Chocolat’s stunning Extra Thick Easter Eggs!

Win a year’s supply of Kinder Bueno!

The lovely people at Kinder Bueno emailed me yesterday to ask if Gastronomy Domine could host another competition. This is just perfect for Christmas – by answering one easy question, you can win a whole year’s supply of chocolate.

This is the question:

The Kinder Bueno site (where you can also pick up some handy party tips) asks visitors to choose what the best thing about Christmas is. What options does the site give you?

A – The parties and family

B – The parties and prezzies

C – Family and prezzies

Simply email your answer to gastronomydomine@gmail.com with the title “Kinder Bueno Competition” by 31st December 2007. A winner will be selected at random from the correct answers. One lucky reader will receive a Kinder Bueno bar for each week of 2008!

Terms and conditions

The competition is open to UK residents only. The winner will be the first entry drawn at random after the closing date of 31st December and will win 52 Kinder Buenos.

Christmas chocolate competition!

Hotel Chocolat have come up trumps again and are offering one lucky Gastronomy Domine reader a Christmas chocolate selection box and a copy of the Hotel Chocolat 101 Best Loved Chocolate Recipes book. I get to sit back for this one – it’s your turn to do the cooking.

Hotel Chocolat is looking for your very best Christmas-themed chocolate recipes. Think Christmas choc-chip cookies, chocolate yule log, or chocolate Christmas puddings. All you have to do is to submit your recipe (the more original the better), and you could win lots of lovely chocolate. The winner of the Gastronomy Domine competition will also be automatically entered into the Hotel Chocolat Grand Prize recipe competition, and could win even more seasonal chocolate goodies! And believe me, they are good – I’ve just been to a chocolate tasting with them and was blown away by some of the Christmas selections.

So, are you the best chocolate cook in the country? Only one way to find out – click here to submit your entry. The competition page will recognise that you’ve come from Gastronomy Domine, so get your weighing scales out and start cooking! The competition closes at 11.59pm on December 10 2007.

Caption competition winner

We have a winner! Would Marsha Klein please send me her real name and address using the mailto link at the top right of the page above the search box (I am assuming she is not really a kindly but alcoholic landlady living on Meteor Street in London) – I’ll get the spice grinders in the post on Monday.

This was such good fun I think I’ll be making the competition a monthly event. Watch out on September 1 for a new picture.

I iz in ur pyramids gardin’ ur faroes.

Competition! With actual prizes!

I’ve got a cold. Only about 60% of my tastebuds are working, and I wish they weren’t; my mouth tastes like the wrong end of a badger. This leaves me functionally without appetite…and writing about food’s making me feel ever-so-slightly nauseous.

So today, instead of the usual order of things, we’re going to have a caption competition. The person who submits the best caption in the comments wins two spice grinders – one filled with coffee beans, chocolate and rock sugar (it’s Jamie Oliver branded, but don’t let that put you off – excellent over ice cream or to finish chocolate desserts) and one South African grinder by Elements of Spice filled with sea salt, fennel seeds, Chinese ginger, lemon peel, coriander, celery, mint and cardamom. These things are brilliant added to some olive oil as a dry marinade for chicken pieces or as a sprinkle over popcorn.

I’m happy to mail these anywhere in the world, so this is open to all readers. Here’s your picture: get captioning! The winner will be announced on August 10.