Competition! With actual prizes!

I’ve got a cold. Only about 60% of my tastebuds are working, and I wish they weren’t; my mouth tastes like the wrong end of a badger. This leaves me functionally without appetite…and writing about food’s making me feel ever-so-slightly nauseous.

So today, instead of the usual order of things, we’re going to have a caption competition. The person who submits the best caption in the comments wins two spice grinders – one filled with coffee beans, chocolate and rock sugar (it’s Jamie Oliver branded, but don’t let that put you off – excellent over ice cream or to finish chocolate desserts) and one South African grinder by Elements of Spice filled with sea salt, fennel seeds, Chinese ginger, lemon peel, coriander, celery, mint and cardamom. These things are brilliant added to some olive oil as a dry marinade for chicken pieces or as a sprinkle over popcorn.

I’m happy to mail these anywhere in the world, so this is open to all readers. Here’s your picture: get captioning! The winner will be announced on August 10.

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  1. You took my kittens to the pet shop?!…. What, are you completely insane?!That’s just the last straw, from now on you catch and dispose of your own rodents!


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