Crackling wars

Roast pork
Award-winning crackling

An eagle-eyed commenter (thanks, Pills4MeNerves!) mentioned this morning that my roast pork recipe won a crackling cook-off at the Guardian newspaper’s Word of Mouth blog. Now, I wouldn’t normally boast about such things here, but given that my competition appears to have been Simon Hopkinson, Prue Leith, Good Housekeeping, Delia Smith and Hugh F-W, I am dizzy with the joy of it all.

Here’s the recipe – I recommend that at the weekend you hot-foot it to the butcher’s, get your tea-towels and hairdryers out, and enjoy the rewards that only attention to detail and a preparedness to blow-dry meat will provide.

10 Replies to “Crackling wars”

  1. Thanks! I could (arteries and all that aside) live on crackling. What a giving creature the pig is – bacon, sausages, black pud, crackling and all the rest.

  2. Oh my JEEZ liz!!! This is the most exciting (but unsurprising) news EVER! You beat Delia!!! And Hugh!!! And GH!!! This is truly the best accolade yet – very well done 😀

    Katie xx

  3. Well done! That’s a great result! I have used your recipe (and felt weird blowdrying a pig..) and it worked a treat. Glad to see that all that work was vindicated.

  4. I recommended GD to my brother who let me know about your Cracking Crackling success. I love your website, but do think it’s a shame Google made you compromise your design. Definitely my favourite foodie blog!

  5. You are also mentioned (via Guardian website) on the ‘Serious Eats’ website all the way over the other side of the Atlantic. World domination beckons…

  6. This sounds great, always having a problem with crackling here. I wonder could I leave it into my hairdresser, she does such a good blow dry. lol, Will pop in and ask her. There’s a recession on they need all the business they can get. I can see you may have opened up a new niche here. Thanks

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