Elderflower time!

A quick reminder – it’s that time of year again, so if you’re in a foraging mood, spend some time this weekend harvesting some elderflower heads for cordial and fritters.

You may also enjoy this article from the Times on wild foods, especially if your garden is as full of nettles as mine is, but please do not follow Prue Leith’s example and raid the nests of wild geese for eggs unless you want a serious telling off from the RSPB! If you really can’t live without a June goose egg and you’re near Cambridge, head to the fruit and veg stall outside the Grafton Centre, where they often have a large tray of goose eggs to buy.

3 Replies to “Elderflower time!”

  1. After waiting for a whole year for the elderflowers to come out again, I did as you suggested this time around and got myself some elderflowers.

    Its amazing!!!!First time I had flowers as well.

    Thanks for such a great!!

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