Jean-Talon market, Montreal

One of the things that makes food in this city so fabulous is the abundance of lovingly raised, local produce. I’m just back from Marché Jean-Talon (between Jean-Talon and De Castelnau metro stations). This is probably one of those occasions where pictures speak louder than words.

Yes, that’s me. I look even more cheerful than that now, because I’m gorging myself on strawberries from the first picture.

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  1. Speaking of grits, I was in a supermarket this evening where they did Quaker Oats with cookies and cream in them. And a peaches and cream one. Seriously – we are STARVED in the UK.

  2. i’d love to try some of those strawberry sweetcorn (that’s what the small red ones are right?), i’ve heard they’re good for popcorn!

    are the other sweetcorn edible? mum used to have some like that but they were in a dried flower arrangment – not for eating!!

  3. Hi Jenny! You’re right, it’s strawberry corn. The multicoloured stuff is Indian corn, and is mostly used for decoration (there were plenty of pumpkins, Indian corn and gourds around for Halloween), but I understand you can also pop it.

  4. It all looks wonderful Liz. You never know i may be able to expand my growing of different veg varieties yet as there is now talk of the council providing alloments in my village! My Yellow carrots i plan to be purple next year anyway but with the space on a plot i might have room to grow sweetcorn, i know i’ve seen seeds for strawberry sweetcorn somewhere.

  5. Hi Douglas! You’re doing better than I am, in that case; I’m home again now, but have Jet Lag Tum, which appears to have stolen my appetite. Looking at pictures is not helping. I blame Air Canada’s HORRIBLE food (which I didn’t eat, having pre-positioned a Banh Mi from that post earlier in my handbag), but I swear I can still smell the airline offering on my luggage.

  6. Hi Liz – stumbled across your beautiful blog and glad I did. Your market photos are gorgeous, and make me wish for berries all year round. Keep up the great work!

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